Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Working with Cement Walls

If you have ever lived in a concrete house you know that it can be quite challenging! Especially for picture hanging. Many a time we have attempted to nail or screw in a wall decoration, only to see the hole disintegrate into dust. It's either cricked or too large best case scenario. Worse case scenario you are left with a 2" crater of crumbling plaster.
I have learned a few things through the years of decorating in concrete walls but you can't escape all casualties. Last collage I hung up our previous house I ended up glueing plaster pieces in place so as to not ruin the symmetry. Collages are the worst! Have you ever tried to hang more than one photo in the correct place to only find them all 1/4" or so off due to the inaccuracy of screws or guess work with your nails.
Ok this isn't fool-proof but this is the best plan I've found. And for the majority of the time if you are careful and patient it works well.
Use Measured Papers With Nails for Collages
1.Cute and tape paper until it is the exact size of your photo. My papers are a little scraggly here because I reused them after my first project in my daughters room.
Screws are WAY to inaccurate for collages. For one Piece decorations screws are the best route because they are stronger when in plastic mounts and less likelihood off plaster destruction. But with collages they aren't the best route in my opinion.
2.MEASURE, MEASURE, MEASURE. The papers do a lot of work for you but you MUST MUST measure to have accuracy. Don't wing it.
3.So after you have your papers taped up exactly where you want your collage. Everything measured and spaced evenly.Find the middle of your photo and Mark that.
4. Measure the distance between the top of your frame and wherever you want your nail to rest. Then measure that far down on your paper on the middle dot and Mark that.
5. Then you can nail directly into the paper. Be cautious to not start nailing at an angle any direction. It's very easy to do in cement. Stay steady and straight. If it begins to, try to give it a little tap back the right direction. Cement can be challenging. So get your big girl muscles ready and hammer away! Be cautious however it's very easy at this power to miss and POW there goes a chunk of your wall. But the paper also helps that. So if you miss it isn't as disastrous.
6. Tear down the paper and mount picture.
Admire your handiwork! Good luck to all those decorating our square concrete houses:)

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