Sunday, November 29, 2015

Help Meet Challenge 1

Remembering my job as help meet; cheerleader not guidance counselor.

We all know what it's like to hear a lesson and even practice it some and yet after time bad habits creep back in. It wasn't intentional. It was many times motivated by true sincere desire to see the one you love happier.

But sadly it is also many times motivated by desire to look better yourself. You may think how is that? What does my reputation have to do with it? Many times we pressure those we love to improve certain areas of their lives because having a successful husband makes a wife look better.

Maybe even because you have a certain standard for your own self that you feel is somehow diminished if you can't make him uphold it also.

Most times whether sincere or motivated by selfish desires and pride we convince ourselves that if we loved our mate we couldn't sit and watch them struggle. If we have in our mind the helpful advice they need to be successful how could we hold it back. This thinking is what leads us to confuse our real role as a help meet.

I have been meditating on two different quotes I have heard or remembered recently.

"It's not my job to make my husband successful, it's my job to make him happy."

"Be your husbands cheerleader. Tell him all the positive and tell the rest to the Lord. He has a whole world out there to correct, critique and discourage him. Only you can be his faithful cheerleader. Do what no one else can do."

These are both such powerful truths. I've heard them both in different variations over the years but only sin nature creeps in and the "I know better" attitude. And the thought, "how can anything work out if I don't speak?". What lack of faith is packed into this little statement. Do we really believe our voices are more powerful in our husbands life than the Lord. Many times if your like me we feel helpless because if we do choose to hold our tongue we hold it with the Heavenly Father too. We bottle up our concerns and criticisms. Instead of abounding with positive speech to our spouse and pouring our concerns out to Christ, we say nothing at all to anyone. We hold our tongue but generally both husband and Christ know our true feelings anyways.

So help meet challenge is this. Let's filter out the negative and instead say every positive thought that comes to mind. Let's bring all concerns, frustrations and maybe even dissapointments to the one who has all power. God has the power to make ALL right. Believe it or nor I would say that many times when I do bring these things to Christ he points out that my opinions on my spouses perceived transgression or short comings aren't right at all. If not I feel more filled with compassion and desire to lift him up in prayer and reveals all I have to be positive about. Which sadly I should do much more than I do. But no matter who is right and who is wrong (which generally it isn't 100% one or the other) If I bring it to Christ he can give peace and his perfect will (which is hardly ever exactly what I predicted in my fleshly wisdom it should be).

Lord, help me love, appreciate and cheer on the wonderful, faithful and good man you gave me. Help my lips to abound with praise and to not neglect to bring my struggles to you. Help me not to try to make him perfect but support and appreciate all the good he does.




Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving from Nepal


The week began with momma bear putting her game face on and coordinating to do lists for each day until thanksgiving. Very helpful, mostly necessary but I just Reaallly love lists:) and let's face it blondey can't keep up without having them.

Tuesday we bought our pumpkin and toted it home on the motorcycle :)

Cut in half, lil oil, pierce and roast. Scoop it out when soft and blend, waalah! Not near as hard as it sounds. Out comes creamy pumpkin goodness.
Also highly enjoyed by baby McTague:) Then come pies.

I've been patiently awaiting strawberry season since we arrived home in March. A local strawberry grower just started selling!! I arranged a pick up and received 2.5kg. Which would soon find there way into strawberry pie, strawberry cranberry jello and thanksgiving morning smoothies:)


Luckily there was enough caffeine in the house to keep me going till tummies were full. We were excited to enjoy all the yummy traditions of thanksgiving and good friends.

There was not a corner left unfilled!
Sadly I didn't take a picture before the Carnivors attacked:)

We have much to be thankful for this holiday season. We appreciate all our friends and family who love and support us as we minister across the globe. This week in the midst of my grandmas passing to heaven I spent some time on the phone with family. I have never felt so supported! God has given me great family that puts the Lord first and desires his will more than anything. While we would love to spend every holiday and grieving moment together the Lords plan is bigger and we are in it together. I'm so proud and thankful for the parents that raised me, the church that trained me and the loving hands that guide me and the Lord that comforts and leads me. I have had the best and everyday I'm reminded of it.

"Mom and Dad, every thanksgiving and holiday I love having our skype dates! I've always known yall were great parents but I learn more and more you are greater than I know!" Xoxoxo



Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thanksgiving Challenge Day 23

I'm thankful that for 29 years I have had the pleasure of being the granddaughter to my "Ginga". She was a great grandma who loved to give and serve people. She was stronger than I may ever be. She has lived a long eventful life. At the end she could forget many things or she could sit there for hours and talk about how she traveled during the war and all the my mom did as a child. She rarely complained. She made some of the best food I ever had as a child. We long for the smell of waffles in the morning. Slathered in homemade strawberry jam. We have the recipes but will never quite be the same. Thank you Lord for the years we had with her and that since this morning she is now with you and without pain or loneliness. I'm thankful for love, gingas and heaven.


Monday, November 23, 2015

Thanksgiving Challenge Day 22

Today some missionary ladies have asked what are you thankful for that you didn't think about before you went to the field. And one thing I'm thankful for is Pinterest. I know sounds ridiculous! But I'm serious:) For the first couple years on the field I didn't know anything about it. But when I found it, it was such a huge help! Any recipe, and DIY, any homemade item, ministry idea is at your fingertips! If your internet is working (fingers crossed). My life minus Pinterest would be very bland:)

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Thanksgiving Challenge Day 21

I'm thankful for family days of fun. Today we all got to go to a big community garage sale. Fun day of food booths, places for kiddos to run, Starbucks coffee, mocha floats, funky ice tea made by some Asians, weak shopping options but lots of fun and relaxation. So thankful for my babies, my husband and precious memories.



Saturday, November 21, 2015

Thanksgiving Challenge Day 20

I'm thankful that we can receive mail here. It's slow and a little unpredictable but I'm sure either now or years before there were people who couldn't get it at all or rarely. So I'm thankful as a missionary that mail does come. And I have pile of convenience items in my cabinet waiting for our thanksgiving feast. I'm thankful I have a little less work than normal coming this next week. What a relief:)

Friday, November 20, 2015

Thanksgiving Challenge Day 19

I'm thankful for flowers. I've never been good at growing flowers but suprisingly over the last few months I've kept my first few pots alive. We went to a nearby nursery and bought some hydrangeas, Christs flowers, a small tree, a bonsai and another unknown flower, plus a geranium I've grown from a clipping. I was surprised to find the smile these few flowers put on my face. When life seems dirty, stressful and chaotic I can look out on my balcony and see a part of the Lords beautiful creation.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thanksgiving Challenge Day 18

I'm thankful to find turkeys in this far off land, especially in this fuel crisis. Even if it is $90. Wonderful thanksgiving on the way.


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Thanksgiving Challenge Day 17

Today is going to be my funny day:) With a son who has been diarrhea-ish off and on for a month now, I'm thankful for disposable diapers and wipes!! Oh and baby booty creams! Makes my life a heap easier especially at 5am blow out time! Joys of motherhood:)

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Thanksgiving Challenge Day 16

I am thankful for Gods omniscience and ability to come to us and meet our ever need and comfort every fear and anxiety.
I am a super new homeschool mom and there is tons I'm trying to learn. But I have been amazed at one thing I have noticed. It seems every time I teach my daughter a new verse in song it gets stuck in my head and it seems to be just what I need during that time. Today we learned
"Be not overcome of evil but overcome evil with good."
In these uncertain times where evil seems to abound and surround the believer it seems easy to be swallowed by fear, uncertainty and anxiety. I could go into detail about the possible fears and evils I can see in my life but today I want to only lift up good. So, I will not even give it the space in my thoughts or post. I so needed to hear and memorize this verse today. To commit to the Lord to not wallow in the thoughts of the surrounding evil but overcome it with good thoughts and deeds. #onlyGod
This is the scene I saw as I cleaned up after dinner. My sweet husband reading to his two babies that adore his every moment of attention. I am surrounded my good all day long! I am safe. I nor my babies suffer hunger. We have a lovely home. We have been blessed to be raised in a country that has known Christian principles longer than most countries will ever see. We daily see Gods hand. We see those who have been deemed by many unreachable come to Christ. I am surrounded by those who love me. God has never failed me and never will. I want to flood the Devil with so much good it makes him sick! Let us pray for our country and for wisdom, but let us live in the light of Gods blessings.
I would love to hear about the good that surrounds all of you everyday.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Thanksgiving Challenge Day 15

I'm thankful for the ability to help those in need and love those who need it.

Many kind Christians, churches, and Nationals from other countries and military personnel sent us money to help with our own relocation after the earthquake but also to aid the Nepalis in their recover after the earthquake. Today we went to visit a camp near our church full of people still living in tents. We walked in uncertain of what we would find and overwhelmed by the amount of tents we found. We wondered through unnoticed at first questioning a few about their needs. However it didn't take long until we were surrounded by people eager to tell us of their needs. We were able to get details on what we can bring to help them. After we discussed the needs with the adults we began to walk off. The children didn't approve of this! We were escorted by about 10 children grabbing our hands and arms chattering non-stop. One begged Cory to come visit his tent. He sat with him while I visited with the others as they questioned when we would return. Then they escorted us to our bike while picking flowers for me and shouting "bring us chocolate when you return"!!

It felt so sweet to love on these struggling families and have the funds to help them during their struggle.

Southern Green Beans

When we first moved to Nepal I realized that there was barely any canned or frozen vegetables. What!!! Yes, it's true. Things are all alfresco here:) This sounds fantastic and generally it is, but I found I didn't have a clue how to make fresh green beans. I didn't have a steamer pan and our electricity wasn't on consistently enough to use my handy pampered chef steamer. I tried boiling them, I tried sautéing them and every time they came out blah...too crunchy, too squishy, just weird! So after living here like 3 years or more I finally figured out how to make yummy green beans!

Begin by cutting up your bacon and onion. I don't always have bacon in the house. If not, you can substitute ham or even leave it out. It isn't as good but still good. Brown your bacon and onion.


Time to prepare your fresh beans.

Break the ends off and then break them in desired increments. I suggest you should not do this step with a knife. If you do you won't get any of the stringys off. There are strings on each side of the bean. As you break them they will begin to peel off. Try to peel as many as you can off each side as you break. Perfection is not needed but it will be more pleasing to the pallet the less you have.

Toss the beans in with the bacon and onions after they are crisp. Give it a sizzle for a few minutes. Then pour in chicken broth. Put in 2 chicken broth cubes. I don't know the exact amount of water. Begin by adding enough to cover all your beans and cover. Your beans will need to boil for 60-90 minutes. As the water boils down add more.

SO, the magically keys.

1. Bacon:)

2. Boil the bageebees out of the beans!

Not complicated at all! Just need the time to boil. So while your doing your late afternoon duties throw these in for yummy beans by dinner time.




Sunday, November 15, 2015

Thanksgiving Challenge Day 14

I'm thankful for the good pastors I have had in my life. From a baby I have been surrounded with wonderful men to lead me and my family. Each completely unique from the other but exceptionally molded into what was essential for me at each time of my life.

From birth until I was 12 years old I was blessed to attend Averyville Baptsit Church with my family. Our pastor was Bro. David Coyle. He was a kind, compassionate man. I don't know that I can remember many times where he didn't have a smile on his face and it took me a long time after leaving to consider anyone else really "my pastor". Even now a part of my heart will always consider him that. I remember his musical voice singing by the guitar so smoothe and melodic. I remember growing up with his children, who are still dear friends. I remember a church that was good and stood for right. I remember a place that I went to as a child everyday for school where God was taught and glorified in all. I remember that I felt just at home in this church as I ever would at home. Even years later when I truly understood and accepted Christ it was after listening to a preaching tape of his. I was so blessed to be a part of this place and it, this man and his family will always hold a special place in my heart.

As a 12 year old we moved to Jacksonville, AR. It was completely foreign and I didn't understand many peoples accent at the time. This Midwestern girl was in for a shock. But as a bombastic outgoing 12 year old that didn't take long. We have attended Bible Baptist Church ever since that time. Pastor Mike Files has been the pastor there the entire time. He is a strong, determined, bold man who will love you in his burly "John Wayne" way. Which means I love for you to be around but you better do right and use your noggin too. We love him deeply. He has lead a ministry during good and bad times and taught us many things. He has given words of wisdom but taught us much more by his life and example. We are blessed to be a part of this place.

When I was 19 I married my sweetheart and at 22 we moved to the mission field. We have lived hear for 6.5 years. Though we still claim our home pastor in most senses of the word my husband is my pastor and I am so blessed to have him. I admire and respect him for all that he is and does. He has a great wisdom at knowing and explaining the Bible clearly without adding or subtracting anything. He loves all of us in the church and does his best to feed the flock and guide us in a successful life that pleases the Lord. I couldn't ask for a better pastor,friend or spouse.

God has been so good to me in the Men he has placed in my life. Is it because they were or are perfect? Absolutely not! But God has given me a love for them because I have allowed him to and I have desired a godly man to fill an important God ordained place in my life. A place that no other person, author or video sermon can fill. I completely agree with Gods plan for a local church and a man of God to help the sheep fulfill Gods plan in their lives. God intended for us to have a place to serve, learn and grow faithfully and happily. I encourage all of you to embrace the blessings of each man of God, God has given you. Especially us ladies whose husbands pastor us. Don't allow knowing all to diminish you seeing the greatness you have.

Thank you Lord for all your blessings on me.


Saturday, November 14, 2015

Thanksgiving Challenge Day 13

I'm thankful for the Americans who have rallied around France in our prayers. I'm thankful that through our hurt from years before we can empathize and still care. May we always use our hurt to empathize and care for others hurting. #prayingforParis

Friday, November 13, 2015

Thanksgiving Challenge Day 12

I'm thankful for the Lords daily provisions. As Nepal faces very challenging times right now due to recovery from the earthquake and Indias blockade off cooking gas and petrol for the vehicles it is undoubtedly obvious that God has his watchful hand over us and all his children. We are very thankful to have gas for our vehicles for now, food on the shelves and gas and electricity to cook with.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Thanksgiving Challenge Day 11

I'm thankful for salvation, forgiveness & daily renewal. For sure I'm more than thankful for my Saviour's redeeming grace and mercy. Having him by my side everyday to turn to, rest on, rely on is more of a blessing than I will probably ever comprehend. But I know I'm daily surrounded with those who don't have that and I KNOW it makes a difference! But not only to be redeemed but to be able to count on his forgiveness. When I fail for the thousandth time and I'm overwhelmed with my defeat I can come to him and know he will take me. But best of all I know he will renew me. I know he will give me more grace for the challenges I face, wisdom for the situations in my path and success along the way through him.

Best Cookies Ever

My daughter loves making and eating cookies:)

That's about the only thing she requests for us to cook. She had been asking recently to make some more. So, my mind began churning of when we could find some time to make cookies and what to make. I found a recipe I had been really wanting to try ever since I saw and I'm SO glad I did! Since grandma sent us some dried cherries we had all the ingredients we needed to make these scrumptiumtous cookies! Seriously best cookie I've ever had.

Cherry Oatmeal Chocolate Chip


Unforntunately the last Batch got a twitch over done from Momma Bear writing a blog post:(

We began by soaking the dried cherries in hot water to rehydrate. You would be surprised at how much they re inflate. This is my first experience with dried cherries and IDE have to say I'm a Big Fan now!

Little hands and little aprons make for a fun day in the kitchen.

Hydrated cherries were drained and chopped to be added to the cookie mix. Me and the little girl enjoyed our time of mixing and baking. We had a tray full of yumminess for when daddy got home from a long day of sitting in the mechanic office all day trying to get our vehicle repaired from an issue caused from the black market petrol we have received in this "transportation crisis" right now. Cory and the owner were trying to get the car repaired before the next day when a Hindu festival began and all the workers would leave work for a week. Here many times getting something accomplished means "accompanying" the person you need to do something until it is completely done. In this situation the Lord ended up using it in a unexpected way. The mechanic, which we have unfortunately seen more than we would like, ordered Cory coffee and spent an hour questioning him about Christ and his beliefs. It was a very unique day that ended with the "best cookies ever". Give them a try I doubt you will be disappointed.