Sunday, November 15, 2015

Thanksgiving Challenge Day 14

I'm thankful for the good pastors I have had in my life. From a baby I have been surrounded with wonderful men to lead me and my family. Each completely unique from the other but exceptionally molded into what was essential for me at each time of my life.

From birth until I was 12 years old I was blessed to attend Averyville Baptsit Church with my family. Our pastor was Bro. David Coyle. He was a kind, compassionate man. I don't know that I can remember many times where he didn't have a smile on his face and it took me a long time after leaving to consider anyone else really "my pastor". Even now a part of my heart will always consider him that. I remember his musical voice singing by the guitar so smoothe and melodic. I remember growing up with his children, who are still dear friends. I remember a church that was good and stood for right. I remember a place that I went to as a child everyday for school where God was taught and glorified in all. I remember that I felt just at home in this church as I ever would at home. Even years later when I truly understood and accepted Christ it was after listening to a preaching tape of his. I was so blessed to be a part of this place and it, this man and his family will always hold a special place in my heart.

As a 12 year old we moved to Jacksonville, AR. It was completely foreign and I didn't understand many peoples accent at the time. This Midwestern girl was in for a shock. But as a bombastic outgoing 12 year old that didn't take long. We have attended Bible Baptist Church ever since that time. Pastor Mike Files has been the pastor there the entire time. He is a strong, determined, bold man who will love you in his burly "John Wayne" way. Which means I love for you to be around but you better do right and use your noggin too. We love him deeply. He has lead a ministry during good and bad times and taught us many things. He has given words of wisdom but taught us much more by his life and example. We are blessed to be a part of this place.

When I was 19 I married my sweetheart and at 22 we moved to the mission field. We have lived hear for 6.5 years. Though we still claim our home pastor in most senses of the word my husband is my pastor and I am so blessed to have him. I admire and respect him for all that he is and does. He has a great wisdom at knowing and explaining the Bible clearly without adding or subtracting anything. He loves all of us in the church and does his best to feed the flock and guide us in a successful life that pleases the Lord. I couldn't ask for a better pastor,friend or spouse.

God has been so good to me in the Men he has placed in my life. Is it because they were or are perfect? Absolutely not! But God has given me a love for them because I have allowed him to and I have desired a godly man to fill an important God ordained place in my life. A place that no other person, author or video sermon can fill. I completely agree with Gods plan for a local church and a man of God to help the sheep fulfill Gods plan in their lives. God intended for us to have a place to serve, learn and grow faithfully and happily. I encourage all of you to embrace the blessings of each man of God, God has given you. Especially us ladies whose husbands pastor us. Don't allow knowing all to diminish you seeing the greatness you have.

Thank you Lord for all your blessings on me.


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  1. I absolutely agree from the time I was in grade school God guided me to attend church where I was a bus kid under a wonderful pastor, Galen Bare at Lakeview Baptist Chuech I Springfield, MO. Then the Lord led me to Berean Baptist Church under Pastor Leon Gray. It was here that I realized I was not saved and accepted Christ. Here too my future husband was saved. We then moved to Peoria, IL where my father-in-law, a dynamic preacher, became my pastor and Dr. jack Gwinn followed him then Pastor David Coyle. With each pastor, God brought different personalities and qualities that aided I our growth as Christians. Then the move to Arkansas and Pastor Mike Files was our pasror for 10 years. Through this time we grew closer to the Lord and served him with our lives. God moved us one more time and Pastor Danny Allen became our pastor and friend. Ambassador Baptist Church became our home and we have gleaned from the most gifted preacher so compassionate and in tune with the Lord. He has a remarkable way of bringing scripture to life. What a blessed life I've been give to sit under these amazing servants of God.


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