Thursday, November 5, 2015

Thanksgiving Challenge Day 4

Thankful for good friends. Just got to spend all day with a good friend. To be able to exchange thoughts, desires, disappointments, confusions and daily life with someone who cares is a blessing beyond compare. I'm blessed with so many friends, both close and far. I know that if one or all of you are awake when I am that you would always be there for me. So thankful for an exchange of love between wonderful ladies that also love the Lord and are striving to better themselves and me by being a part of my life. Love each every one! You are the sugar to my sweet tea! The chocolate on my donut! The cream on my frappacino! Double chocolate chip!



There are many dear friends I didn't have pics with. If we are near and dear and you have our pics. Please post in comments! Love you all.


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  1. Love you! Thanks for including us:) I too am so very thankful for those I can talk to and be encouraged from.


Thanks so much for enjoying the third world journey with me. I always enjoy kind and uplifting comments!