Thursday, November 12, 2015

Best Cookies Ever

My daughter loves making and eating cookies:)

That's about the only thing she requests for us to cook. She had been asking recently to make some more. So, my mind began churning of when we could find some time to make cookies and what to make. I found a recipe I had been really wanting to try ever since I saw and I'm SO glad I did! Since grandma sent us some dried cherries we had all the ingredients we needed to make these scrumptiumtous cookies! Seriously best cookie I've ever had.

Cherry Oatmeal Chocolate Chip


Unforntunately the last Batch got a twitch over done from Momma Bear writing a blog post:(

We began by soaking the dried cherries in hot water to rehydrate. You would be surprised at how much they re inflate. This is my first experience with dried cherries and IDE have to say I'm a Big Fan now!

Little hands and little aprons make for a fun day in the kitchen.

Hydrated cherries were drained and chopped to be added to the cookie mix. Me and the little girl enjoyed our time of mixing and baking. We had a tray full of yumminess for when daddy got home from a long day of sitting in the mechanic office all day trying to get our vehicle repaired from an issue caused from the black market petrol we have received in this "transportation crisis" right now. Cory and the owner were trying to get the car repaired before the next day when a Hindu festival began and all the workers would leave work for a week. Here many times getting something accomplished means "accompanying" the person you need to do something until it is completely done. In this situation the Lord ended up using it in a unexpected way. The mechanic, which we have unfortunately seen more than we would like, ordered Cory coffee and spent an hour questioning him about Christ and his beliefs. It was a very unique day that ended with the "best cookies ever". Give them a try I doubt you will be disappointed.



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