Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Thanksgiving Challenge Day 16

I am thankful for Gods omniscience and ability to come to us and meet our ever need and comfort every fear and anxiety.
I am a super new homeschool mom and there is tons I'm trying to learn. But I have been amazed at one thing I have noticed. It seems every time I teach my daughter a new verse in song it gets stuck in my head and it seems to be just what I need during that time. Today we learned
"Be not overcome of evil but overcome evil with good."
In these uncertain times where evil seems to abound and surround the believer it seems easy to be swallowed by fear, uncertainty and anxiety. I could go into detail about the possible fears and evils I can see in my life but today I want to only lift up good. So, I will not even give it the space in my thoughts or post. I so needed to hear and memorize this verse today. To commit to the Lord to not wallow in the thoughts of the surrounding evil but overcome it with good thoughts and deeds. #onlyGod
This is the scene I saw as I cleaned up after dinner. My sweet husband reading to his two babies that adore his every moment of attention. I am surrounded my good all day long! I am safe. I nor my babies suffer hunger. We have a lovely home. We have been blessed to be raised in a country that has known Christian principles longer than most countries will ever see. We daily see Gods hand. We see those who have been deemed by many unreachable come to Christ. I am surrounded by those who love me. God has never failed me and never will. I want to flood the Devil with so much good it makes him sick! Let us pray for our country and for wisdom, but let us live in the light of Gods blessings.
I would love to hear about the good that surrounds all of you everyday.

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