Monday, November 16, 2015

Southern Green Beans

When we first moved to Nepal I realized that there was barely any canned or frozen vegetables. What!!! Yes, it's true. Things are all alfresco here:) This sounds fantastic and generally it is, but I found I didn't have a clue how to make fresh green beans. I didn't have a steamer pan and our electricity wasn't on consistently enough to use my handy pampered chef steamer. I tried boiling them, I tried sautéing them and every time they came out blah...too crunchy, too squishy, just weird! So after living here like 3 years or more I finally figured out how to make yummy green beans!

Begin by cutting up your bacon and onion. I don't always have bacon in the house. If not, you can substitute ham or even leave it out. It isn't as good but still good. Brown your bacon and onion.


Time to prepare your fresh beans.

Break the ends off and then break them in desired increments. I suggest you should not do this step with a knife. If you do you won't get any of the stringys off. There are strings on each side of the bean. As you break them they will begin to peel off. Try to peel as many as you can off each side as you break. Perfection is not needed but it will be more pleasing to the pallet the less you have.

Toss the beans in with the bacon and onions after they are crisp. Give it a sizzle for a few minutes. Then pour in chicken broth. Put in 2 chicken broth cubes. I don't know the exact amount of water. Begin by adding enough to cover all your beans and cover. Your beans will need to boil for 60-90 minutes. As the water boils down add more.

SO, the magically keys.

1. Bacon:)

2. Boil the bageebees out of the beans!

Not complicated at all! Just need the time to boil. So while your doing your late afternoon duties throw these in for yummy beans by dinner time.




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  1. Love these. I made us fresh green beans just last week and we enjoyed them.


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