Saturday, November 7, 2015

Thanksgiving Challenge Day 6

I'm thankful for LOVE. It daily comes to us in many forms. It's a baby's coo. It's a toddlers declaration of undying love. It's your husbands thoughtfulness in the littlest of things. It's the Lords forgiveness. It's the undeserving admiration and respect of church members whom you wrap your arms around every week. Sometimes it's the hurt that comes from knowing those you love hurt or are near deaths door and heavens gate. It's being able to smile and care for strangers by the Love of Christ that dwells in you. It's consistently sharing the gospel with the slow to faith. It's a kind word. It's a nursing hand to those who are sick. It's a phone call to say you remember. It's forgiveness for unnecessary divisions. It's patience. It's declining the things that are hurtful for those you love. It's a bouquet of flowers for no reason. It's a favorite meal prepared just because they know it is. It's selflessly taking time for others. It's consideration shown and given for the not so noticeable hurts and needs of others. It's believing the best of those you love. It's hugging those who need it. It's encouraging those who struggle. It's lifting up Christ to ALL. What a gift to give and receive. Thank you Lord for the best example and the opportunity to experience this great gift.


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