Monday, November 16, 2015

Thanksgiving Challenge Day 15

I'm thankful for the ability to help those in need and love those who need it.

Many kind Christians, churches, and Nationals from other countries and military personnel sent us money to help with our own relocation after the earthquake but also to aid the Nepalis in their recover after the earthquake. Today we went to visit a camp near our church full of people still living in tents. We walked in uncertain of what we would find and overwhelmed by the amount of tents we found. We wondered through unnoticed at first questioning a few about their needs. However it didn't take long until we were surrounded by people eager to tell us of their needs. We were able to get details on what we can bring to help them. After we discussed the needs with the adults we began to walk off. The children didn't approve of this! We were escorted by about 10 children grabbing our hands and arms chattering non-stop. One begged Cory to come visit his tent. He sat with him while I visited with the others as they questioned when we would return. Then they escorted us to our bike while picking flowers for me and shouting "bring us chocolate when you return"!!

It felt so sweet to love on these struggling families and have the funds to help them during their struggle.

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