Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Thankfulness Challenge Day 3

3. I'm thankful for a husband who is a fighter. I am constantly learning something new about my spouse. I knew when I met him he was unique but I continue to find out so many reasons why that is. He is an adrenaline junkie. From what he concocts for dinner to the biggest decisions in life. He is extremely sensitive to the Lords leading but being afraid of the "jump of faith" is never a consideration. He refuses to give up or back down. Recently he has begun the EXTREMELY challenging task of preaching in Nepali. For those of you who have never learned a foreign language, more specifically one that's structure, syllables and alphabet is drastically different to your own you can't not even comprehend the intensity it presents. Sometimes your brain simple collapses and refuses to grunt another syllable. Some days you stare like deer in headlights as the friendly face babbles and bobbles their head at you with a big smile. Then other days you see the light dawning as you clearly understand the gibberish being shouted at you from every corner of space and you open your mouth and foreign words flow out effortlessly and recognition lights in the eyes of the listener. Anyone who learns a language like this has to be persistent, stubborn and patient. He may hate the patience part but he is no doubt that and a fighter for all that is right and true. I watch him make great strides to accomplish this massive goal of conveying life changing spiritual truths in a language that should come with a computer chip for your brain and I'm so proud. Proud he fights to pursue his calling. Proud he doesn't give up. Proud he picks himself up when he is dissapointed with his efforts. Proud he continues on. Proud he's mine.



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  1. That's make me even more prouder of him as I read this. Tell Cory, amen from mom and pop!


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