Monday, August 31, 2015

Gettin Curly- Remington curler review

Have you ever been getting ready in a house without AC and little children running around craving attention and all of you need to be ready to head out the door within the hour? Is the diaper bag packed? Are the children dressed! Wait....have you had a bath recently? Is lunch in the crockpot? It will be 3pm before we return home. Breakfast has been made, check. Have I showered....yes yes that at least is done. Where is my Sunday school material? Read my bible, check. Now I better spruce up this mug before we greet the world:) Do we have electricity? Yes! Party dance! Ok, ironing done if necessary. It's 75-85 degrees in my house, do I want to stand under a blow dryer and hot iron for 15 minutes? Then I'll be so sweaty I pull it all up in a clip anyway! But,I'm would like to look nice. My quickly solution- hot rollers.


I know they aren't the most popular hair beautifying device but I admit I'm a big fan. I always grew up with them in my house. My mom probably still has the big white case of hot rollers. I used them all the time in high school. Well, for some reason after I left for college and got married I just never bought my own. You know how it is sometimes, we tend to put off spending loads of money on frivolities when we are on a tight budget and then I just forgot about them.
I got it into my head a couple years back that they were just what I needed to speed up my primping time overseas. I didn't want anything big and clunky because shipping is outlandish! So on Amazon I found these:

Remington ceramic compact curlers,12.95. You can see how compact they are in comparison to this 1oz tube of neosporin. Super easy and light to ship. They were a great Christmas gift I received. It is only a 10 piece model but I don't have thick hair so that works just great for me. If you have a full mane this may not do the job...But for me they have been great. I add my overseas adapter and plug it in. Go do one of the hundred chores that need to be done before leaving and come back 5-10 minutes later and they are ready for me. I take 3-4 minutes putting them in and again I'm able to multi-task. 5 minutes later and the job is done.

I love how it looks and it lasts all day! Another pro compared to traditional ironing. Now a note for those who are ready to rush out and buy curlers. You may need a little practice to break in the style you want. I have farely kinky hair so I only need about 5 minutes or its serious Shirley Temple. So beware curly heads! If you are more of the straight haired type you may need longer. I suggest using larger curlers on top for more voluminous curls and smaller ones on the bottom for the thicker longer parter of your hair. Give it a spray and you have an all day look. If you've never given it a try and you are short on time as I am numerous times give it a go! I think you'll be happy with the results.







  1. It's true. I do still have them. Just unpacked them last week. I have not used them in some, but you never know. They will be here for you next time:)

  2. I remember using those when I was a kid too. Might have to invest in some! :)


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