Sunday, August 16, 2015

Pre-School a Time

It's that time...Pre-School Time!

For the first time in my life I'm trying to organize and coordinate a k-3 program without any resources handed to me by a school. Our precocious and bouncy three year old is chomping at the bit to be a big girl and fill her mind with knowledge of shapes, colors, letters and songs:)
As you can see in the background we are still settling in from moving into our new home. We have moved twice in the last 2 months due to the 7.8 earthquake (and hundreds of aftershocks that followed) that recently crumbled our house and rocked our world. We first moved all of our belongings in stages to a friends house then the Lord blessed us with our new wonderful apartment. So in the midst of all this I began thinking....
"I've been teaching my daughter bits and pieces, but she is now 3 and I'm not sure what knowledge I should be imparting....???" ( FYI- I don't really think on this fancy speech:) It's more like, "ahhhh I'm in charge of my child's education!! Somebody rescue me:)"
So the research has begun. I have found some great resources on the ever favorite, PINTEREST! All hail Pinterest! My wheels have begun turning and I'm in the process of creating a program that is reasonable and attainable. I know, I know k-3 is for fun learning and she doesn't need to be able to do calculus yet but living in a world where English is not common place I know that 100% ( not counting Curious George and Thomas the train) of her exposure and teaching will come from me and I NEED A PLAN! Not counting trying to slip the native language in where I can...Lord Help:)
I have got out my trusty notebook and began cataloging all the children's books we have that will coordinate with the thoughts I'm trying to teach her. We have some great resources thanks to my good friend Lisa Files! Only thing on my wish list right now is some more Franklin books. My daughter sure enjoys them and they have lots of great teaching concepts. I found a great website that offers free curriculum and weekly planner.
It's been a great resource I plan on using. It had a very scheduled plan covering numbers, letters, textile writing, shapes, motor skills, bible knowledge and the website also has character lessons I'm very interested in using. This next link has some great themed worksheets to correspond with the school year.
Well that's the end of my researching at this point. Now to begin organizing, printing and researching some more. Props too all the moms who have done this before me!! This job is not for the faint of heart. Feel free to leave any helpful comments for our schooling journey.





  1. Thanks for the links. Am also doing preschool with my daughter (my son is in fourth grade with A Beka dvd's) and trying to find good ideas online. I'm happy to check out what you've found. Though I've not had a real schedule with my daughter, I've gleaned lots of ideas from this site: And we've used some of them with great success, especially their preschool alphabet book that we are making together as well as the apple counting game. Enjoying your blog!

    1. Up for any tips. It's a new adventure for me.


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