Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Rustic Beauty


Make-Up recommendations for third world living.

After living overseas in a rugged environment for a short time I came to the conclusion that liquid foundation was not for me. In an environment where you either walked or ride a motorcycle the liquid foundation ranked quiet a few cons on my list.

1. It was cakey and heavy.

2. It seemed more prone to stick to pollution in the air. As many ex-pats may testify the living conditions in 3rd world countries are generally not the cleanest. It is a daily challenge to keep our flip-flopped feet somewhat clean and the dust out of our hair and teeth during the dusty season. I decided I didn't need to add to that challenge grit stuck to my face due to sticky foundation.

3. It limits your ability to do touch-ups. If you decide on those few occasions to touch-up

your make-up for a night time viewing of yourself I find Liquid foundation requires

more time and effort. I don't know about you but extra time and effort is not

things I can afford to waste!

What is my solution? I came acrossed Mary Kay Mineral Foundation a few years back. It has been the answer to all these problems. You hardly feel like you are wearing make-up at all! There is no heavy sticky feeling and touch ups are a breeze! There are many companies out there selling this product but Mary Kay is the only one I've had personal experience with and it wins my vote!


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