Thursday, August 20, 2015


As we have moved into our new place I have been tweaking some decor choices. This new house has new beautiful hard wood flooring. Well at least they are now after MUCH TLC. You can see them below at my daughters birthday party. They are gorgeous but paired with my existing decor it's a lil dark. So....I've been contemplating how we can lighten things up a bit.

I went out grocery shopping a couple days ago and decided to stop in the household side of the store and see if I could find some nice white flowers. The Lord definitely shined down on me that day and I found some great artificial hydrangeas and another stem of white flowers that shall remain nameless (bc I know nothing about flowers!) I think they will definitely help in brightening up the space! So after multiple attempts at arranging and re-arranging I think I got it the way I want it! Though I could use some aid from my super talented SIL! But, sadly to say she is 2,000 miles away:( So, we will do the best we can!

One is on top of our kitchen hutch.
The other is on our shoe cabinet. The tiny suede shoes are not decor but total cuteness! Can anyone not get the squeaky mommy voice when we see adorable tiny shoes!
I'm very excited to have three new floral arrangements to brighten up the space! We are one step closer to completing our Living Room.


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