Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Spray gel Product Review

Before moving overseas I only scrunched my hair every blue moon. After moving here where 6 mo of the year we have electricity only 2-4 hours a day of waking hours and the rest it is still off a few hours everyday I realized we need some "rustic beauty" hair options. I was most likely not going to use those precious moments of electricity blow drying and ironing my hair. It is more likely you'll find me baking, turning on the washing machine and running like crazy to get it all done before it is switched off for another 8 hours of pioneer living.

But I digress....back to hair. Before my daughter was born I could generally just brush my hair dry and it looked half way descent but post baby it was much more unruly!The beauty products here are pretty limited and I couldn't seem to find a gel that worked as well as what I had once used in the states. Garnier Fructis spray gel.
So when we visited the states a few months back I decided to stock up on my "go to" spray. I find it to be a great choice for my third world lifestyle. It holds curl well and is evenly distributed due to the spray nozzle. No stinky hands from gel or mouse! I can spritz and scrunch and I'm ready to go. That's a beauty routine that's fitting for our somewhat non-electricity life!

Here is me and my curly headed beauty. Her's are much more natural! So if your interested in a spray gel to use overseas for those "rustic" days with not many conveniences this is my recommendation. Feel free fellow ex-pat ladies to share what products you've found helpful to spruce up in lands of limited resources.

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