Monday, August 17, 2015


Bundha in the house! 
Bundha is the native word for closed and whenever any fraction of society is peeved about something the way their voice is heard is by participating in a "bundha". Which is where they close down business and transportation and protest. They can do this on as a small scale as a couple of blocks all the way to the whole country. They can turn violent if people try to "break the bundh" and drive vehicles or disturb their protests but for the most part people just take it as a day off, let people protest and rest in their homes. Both was seen in the country during the last two days.
The conflict that took place was generally outside the capital city where we live, that I know of anyways. The most exciting thing we saw was mostly naked little boys swimming in the huge puddles caused by the recent monsoon rains and the baby water buffalo snorkeling in another near by puddle:)
So we were under general lock down in the McTague house for two days. Things can get a lil hairy with two kiddos and two parents locked in a house together for 48 hours if some fun activities aren't created.
At the end of the second day, I can say we all survived with most of our sanity:) Here are some fun pics of our bundha adventures!
Day 1- Box Cars
We decided to make Savannah a car out of an old box. Her and her dad grabbed some colors and the sports car creations began. She requested a monster face and flames. To which my husband replied, "You are not a normal girl". She quite enjoyed her little automobile. She colored it, watched movies in it and eventually beat it to death! It was a short exciting life for the monster car.
Day 2- Mocha Caramel smoothies and Practicing our "MAD" golf skills.
We had some yummy mocha caramel smoothies....mmmmm My husband is a coffee addict to say the least. So any reason to add another cup to his day is welcome! We began this idea with my husband looking at me and saying, "Man, I could go for a Panera Mocha Smoothie!" Ok, all you other Panera addicts out there, shout Amen! For those who are not, ummm....why? Come on its amazing! Anyways, out came the coffee, chocolate syrup and ice. Then we remembered the leftover goodies from Cory's birthday. We still had coffee ice cream in the freezer and caramel in the fridge! Woo hoo throw it in! Well, this will not go down as my best diet day! Shhhhh
I'm extremely proud of his caramel!!! I made it from milk! Just Milk! Whole fresh milk after you add sugar and boil the beegebbees out of it turns to caramel! The only thing to make it better would be to have my Mom here to share. She is...shall we say slightly attached to caramel. I'm pretty sure she will be buried in a coffin filled with caramel with just her face popping out with a smile like Winnie the Pooh in a pot of honey! 
Later followed by some leisurely golf. We had a fun couple of days but we are all itching to be out among the living again! Feel free to share your stories of keeping the munchkins occupied while home bound. 


  1. That sounds delicious and a great idea on how I should leave this earth

  2. I love the box car! C loves her some boxes as well. I will have to try homemade caramel. - it sounds great!

    1. The truth is, this is actually the condensed milk method. Which is way easier! You boil it in the can for a couple hours. But, I couldn't find condensed milk so I found how to make it from milk. All in all like 4+ hours of boiling!

    2. That reminds me of my mouth-watering caramel pie.


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