Thursday, August 27, 2015

Decorating the Dryer

This is what we affectionate refer to as decorating the dryer:) Does anyone else live somewhere with no closets or laundry rooms? In the little country we live in, dryers are a very rare thing to see. Mostly you will see clothes hanging on flat roofs from clothes lines strung out and on balconies, windowsills and sometimes bushes. When we moved here I decided we needed a dryer for those 3-4 months of rain we receive every year. Luckily those times are within the time of the year we generally have electricity. Little did I know this expensive commodity would be half the size of States side dryers and pretty low heat BUT I was thrilled when I bought it.

For the first few years we owned it, it was in an extra room we didn't use. Without kids we had lots of space! However, after our first arrived we moved into a smaller space and had nowhere to hide our big appliance. Our washer was already in the bathroom, where would we put this big dryer? Solution, the only free corner was our daughters room. So that is when the idea of trying to blend the lovely dryer into the decor of the room. Luckily, the receiving blankets match the decor of the room. Fold and hang to fit! Voila!

I'm pretty sure this will not be in any famous magazines but it's how we roll in 3rd world countries:)



  1. Great creative use for your blankets!

  2. I am loving having a peek into your world and the way you live. -Abbie

  3. Love it! Looks like some of the decorations/double uses of things in my house. My washing machine also doubles as a kitchen counter. :)


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