Sunday, August 23, 2015

Clinique Eye Liner Review

Clinique Brush On Cream Eyeliner review

Have you ever taken the time to put on all your make-up? Get everything looking just right. Only to realize 2-3 hours later you could barely tell you had applied any eyeliner at all! Grrrr... Us busy ladies don't have time to be reapplying make-up all day long! Why would we take the precious time we do have to apply something that wears off so quickly?!

Before I found this fantastic product the time expectancy of my applied eyeliner was a few hours at best! It often wore off in less time if I spent any time out in traffic on the back of my husbands motorcycle or driving my little blue scooter. We who live in hardy environments need hardy products to keep up with us!

Not only do I have to deal with environmental influences but from the day I started wearing make-up I have had the tendency to rub my eyes:( I remember my junior high days when I tried to sneak wearing make-up before my parents allowed me to. Well.....I'll tell you I was a pretty sad sneak! I came home from school looking like a raccoon from rubbing my eyes. It didn't take a detective to figure out my discretion. That put an end to that! I was back to clear mascara for a few more years. Also, for many months during the year I am plagued with allergies. Due to all of these contributing factors I was VERY excited to find this product a few years back!

I did an all day progression of pictures for you to see the greatness of this product!





While not the greatest view of me, I think you can see how well this product works!

I give it an A+ for third world living. It is a small container but last at least 6 mo. You can learn to apply it as thin or as thick as you like.

You can find it on their website here.

Brush-On Cream Liner | Clinique



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