Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The beginnings of Roses

I wish that when you moved to rural thrill world countries that you automatically had a green thumb but sadly this DOES NOT happen:( My husband really enjoys flowers and has expressed how nice it would be to have some on our balconies. So....this black thumb princess is going to attempt making a "garden oasis" on our 7th floor balconies that are approximately 12ft long and 2.5 feet deep.

I have many lofty goals of lemon trees in pots, hydrangeas, roses and herbs.....wowowow better back this truck up and take baby steps! I've only had one plant live in my lifetime if you can call barely clinging to life living. Sadly, it has since returned to dust when we went back to the states.

So my humble beginnings are some rose bush cuttings taken from a friends house. Surprisingly, me and my three year old have achieved watering these budding sprouts and keeping them alive!


I would love to see them big and crawling all over our balconies and spilling out the outer edges as a welcoming banner to all who stand outside the "badeshis ( Nepali for foreigners)" apartment. Only time will tell if this reformed plant killer is able to succeed or will succumb to barren concrete balconies.

These are my baby roses! Keep tuned to see if they flourish in apartment 6C!


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