Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Pankets all around!

In our house our 3 yr olds chant at breakfast is,"pankets, pankets!". My daughter is not in love with many foods but this is one. I'll admit on pancake day she has even eaten them for more than one meal...shhhhh.

I've always enjoyed pancakes but for most of my life I've always used the trusty box mix. Even after we moved overseas, believe it or not they sell boxed pancake mix here. The first two years we lived here I attempted homemade pancakes a few times but we couldn't find a recipe that we liked better than the easy peasy one. However, after our first child I decided I was tired of spending the bulk of my budget at the grocery store so I set out to save wherever I could. Soon after I found an IHOP copycat recipe. I was hooked. It took me a while in the beginning but after you learn the recipe you can whip them out pretty fast. I've also tweaked the recipe for my healthier days.

Today I tried something new. A few months back I discovered they made powdered buttermilk. Who knew?? My mother-in-law that's who. I generally just add vinegar to my milk but she offered to get me some to try. Absolutely! So today is my first try. It's definitely easy to use and for sure increased the thickness to my normal recipe. I'll be breaking this out again soon! Pretty cool product. Who uses buttermilk enough to buy a whole container for one recipe and watch the rest go to waste and overseas you may be a miracle worker if you find any! So two thumbs up for this product.
So are pancakes are all mixed up and ready to cook. Mommy is trying to finish up breakfast when at lightning speeds I'm the causality of a hit and run! Have any you ever been accosted by these deadly baby walkers while you were cooking? It crashs with fast speeds right into your ankles! Ahhhh......hold in the scream.....OK! No more walkers in the kitchen!

Peace has resumed and their are pancakes sizzling on the griddle. Mmmmmm. BTW, love this new pan for breakfast dishes!

My lil man who is new to finger-foods is quite the fan of pankets too! In fact he probably ate more than big sis (not hard to do).
I don't know what it's like at your house but breakfast isn't complete well....any meal really without a steaming cup of Joe.
All you need is your handy tea pot, grounds and a coffee press and coffee is a possibility anytime. Electricity not needed! In this world that is magic words! I'de love for everything in my house to be operated on something besides electricity. Any out there feel me?
If I had to have electricity to have coffee in the house we'd probably be in marriage counseling. advice for the day, "Save your marriage, Get a coffee press!".


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  1. I've bookmarked your Ihop "panket" recipe to try sometime because my family members are big fans of "pankets" too. :)

    I'm with ya on the whole electricity thing. My husband uses a coffee press to make his tea. And I make my tea bag chai in the microwave if we have electricity and on my gas stove if we don't. You learn to work around the inconveniences, don't you? Although I must admit to my share of grumbling at times. :) We Americans are so spoiled.


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