Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Power of Comfort Food

As many could attest when far away from your cultural roots there is nothing quite like some traditional "homey" food to lift the spirits. Food is such a powerful tool; whether from a stressful experience or bazillion of them, homesick days, special occasions and many times just to make a good day even better! I mean what day can't stand some chicken wings, hamburger, biscuits & gravy, Salisbury steak, chicken and dumplings, BBQ pork or on this occasion fish and chips. I'm sure you can tell by the list I've spent a large part of my life in the south y'all. As I write this I'm thinking to myself there should be something healthy on this list buuuuuut you know as much as I love a good smoothie, salad, or cucumber wedge it just doesn't have the same affect. You know?

So a couple days ago my husband brought home some fish fillets from an imported meat shop. Admittedly, the amount of times I've cooked fish I can count on one hand. I didn't grow up eating a lot of fish and it isn't on the top of my list generally but we've always enjoyed a good plate of Fish N Chips. So yesterday I thawed my fillets of Basa fish and thought my best chance of success with these fish fillets would be Fish N Chips.

I found a yummy recipe and me and my lil helper got to work.

Though she is pretty much entranced with the flour. She spent most of the time rubbing it on her skin like lotion and spreading as far as possible. But very enjoyable company.


After coating the fish in oooey gooey goodness we fried up the chip portion and popped them in the oven to stay warm.

Followed by some crispy beautiful pieces of fluffy pillows of fish. As these puppies fried up we mixed up some faux tartar sauce (had no relish) my husband popped on some Irish tunes. We did a few square dance type jigs while we waited for our dinner. This was a hoe down Irish style:) Thats what happens when you mix a husband with Irish roots and a girl who got deep fried as a teenager.

Placed on the plate with a vinegary cucumber tomatoes salad to give a break in the fried goodness.

It was all we were looking forward to! We were all in good spirits as we shoveled down some Fish N Chips. I know these dishes sound like boring normal dishes people eat every day in the States but here they are so much more! For one they are much more labor intensive and many times ingredients that you don't get all the time but most of all its memories on a plate that fill you with a warm contentment. Thank you Lord for good food and the small pleasures it brings with it.




  1. I would give a lot to dance that Irish jig with you! Love you all.

  2. I can so relate. Hubby and I talk food when we sit at the table to a meal. In fact, we've embarrassed ourselves in front of company (well, me anyway) with how we go on and on about it. But he's Cajun, and Cajuns live to eat too. Ha! My hubby quoted me that line when we first got married! It was almost doctrine to him whereas me, having grown up on a very primitive mission field, my family's philosophy was always eat to live and thank God for it. And now, though there is much truth to my family's philosophy about food, I've long since adopted Hubby's philosophy--Live to eat and enjoy every bite of it! I plan on trying some of your recipes. Thanks for sharing them.


Thanks so much for enjoying the third world journey with me. I always enjoy kind and uplifting comments!