Wednesday, September 9, 2015

One of my favs of 3rd World Life

Knock knock....every night at approximately 7pm the tap at the door is heard. They have kindly abided by my request to not ring our obnoxiously loud doorbell at the tiny tots bedtime. One of hustles to the door to receive our bag of milk straight from the cow.

Why does this excite me? I don't even know! It's just one of the perks of living in a third world country. I never have to worry about opening the fridge to see I'm out of milk. I never have to worry about the kids not having anything to drink. I don't have to rush to the store when it's out. I don't have to pay an exorbant amount to keep two kids and a kitchen stocked with milk. I pay approx $20 a month for 1L a day delivered to my house.

First we take a few minutes to pasteurize by boiling for a few minutes then off to the fridge for cooling. After a few hours it will be chilled and ready to strain off the cream. And for impatient children straight into the cup with some ice cubes! As you can see the white clumps stuck to the outside of the jar, you can never get all the cream out completely. Some may be thinking,"uck! I don't do milk!" Admittedly I never did much either before we began getting fresh milk. I still don't down a glass of milk but I probably wouldn't mind it with this stuff. It has this twinge of sweetness to it. So much better than boxed milk!

Today it means gravy and full sippy cups. Tomorrow it may be cream of mushroom soup, milk or pudding. No matter what the recipe milk is always on hand. Ide like to say we had a lovely meal of biscuits and gravy was not to be. In a ziplock bag on my counter sat "biscuit-muffins". They were supposed to be the yummy English muffin recipe I have when I made them 3 days ago but a rush visit to the docs office rushed my muffins into fallen biscuits! Then this morning when reaching for the bag of "biscuit-muffins" for gravy I found monsoon had made them into "mold- muffins"! UGH! Yes I should have put them in the fridge but the deed is done now. So plan C gravy and toast. Nothing spectacular but tummies were filled at no fault to the milk:)


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  1. This speaks of memories in the making and also sounds yummy to the tummy.


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