Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Package Delivery

The day when my husband walks through the door loaded down with a duffle full with a package from the post office is like Christmas at our house! I know he has spent 30 min to an hour haggling through the process of receiving a package. He has walked continuously from one station to another retrieving signatures, producing copies of our passport and visa, chasing someone down who is in a tea break, watching others eat their daily delivered lunch (which by the way they will eat as leisurely as they desire while you sit 3 ft away in line), paying the duty on our package and then finding a way to shove it all on his motorcycle somewhere. We all gather around as a family and slice through the heavy duty packing tape....shhh...ahhhh what is inside?
Each package is individually wrapped with tissue paper by our considerate family members to avoid nosy postal workers from ripping it open and requiring a higher fee or a portion of the "booty" in pirate lingo. And let me tell you he is a few french fries short of a happy meal if he thinks I'm sharing my imported Dove chocolates with him! No way Jose, says the experienced negotiator in me!
As we tear open all the goodies the floor is littered with debris from the wrappings and all the exciting new goodies. My daughter has taken up asking my husband every time he returns home, "What did you bring me daddy?" as if we were on a Dick Van Dyke television episode. On this special day he can tell her, "Lots of goodies!"

For baby M it's basically the wrapping that causes the most excitement but Savy is always thrilled with ever piece of candy and new book she receives. She is a book and candy lover! Daddy has some trinket he has ordered for himself and mommy usually is enjoying some sought after house hold domestic goody she hasn't been able to find in her little country.


We all sit for 20 minutes or more drooling over our goodies and showing them to each other. It's always a fun day at out house! Now the count down begins again for the day another lovely white box or envelope will grace our doorstep. My daughter still daily watches snippets of the Cinderella movie she received for her birthday. She told me this week. "I love Cinderella. Nana sent it to me, that's why.:)".



  1. I love Savy's sweet comment about Nana : ). Enjoy your goodies ! Love you all, Aunty

    1. Hey who is this? No name on the comment but I must know an aunty:)

  2. That is so sweet! That makes Nana's heart sing!

  3. Bringing home gifts to the family is something to cherish. There are days when the smile on their faces makes the trouble of getting the package worth every moment. It's a thrill knowing that they are happy with even the smallest of items, such as a book or a small toy.

    Kurt Bohling @ Philadelphia Mail Room


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