Saturday, September 12, 2015

My Love Affair with My Crockpot

My love affair with my crockpot!

I don't know about anyone else but I am a SUPER DUPER fan of my crockpot. You know how we all have a few things we are just so glad we packed up and brought overseas? This is on the list. I can't help but love being able to take 20 minutes and throw some raw ingredients in the pot and when I return home dog tired with whiny sleep babies....oh wait that's me...there is usually a pot full of steamy goodness. We step off the elevator and the whole hallway outside our door is filled with the smell of deliciousness. There are those days when the electricity wasn't on long enough and we come home to a disappointing pile of hard potatoes but those are very few.We rush in throw a vegetable or necessary side on the stove for a few minutes and by the time we have our comfy clothes on and drinks made things are ready to dish up.
Today was a new experiment and baby did it work! I was slightly skeptical but thought I was willing to give it a go.
Roast chicken

All you do is rub it down with butter and spices and put 4 balls of aluminum foil underneath it and switched it on. I used:

A dab of parsley

A pinch of basil

A handful of seasoning salt

A dabble of red pepper flakes

A generous shake of paprika

A sprinkle of thyme

A slight shower of onion flakes

We came home to find a slightly sifter version of rotisserie chicken waiting to fall off the bone onto our plates. If you want an easy peasy recipe to try, this is the one! Whether you already are a faithful user or you've never once tried it this is a home run in every way.

Right now I'm drooling over a new crockpot:

The Ninja® Cooking System | Cooking Easier, Healthier, Better

I'm my dreams I'm sautéing and simmering in this bad boy! On that note I'll sign off until my love affair continues with something else tasty. Happy cooking!






  1. I too love crockpot cooking. Will have to give your recipe a try. Loving your blog :-) Tammy Culley

    1. It's great isn't it! So glad to hear from you:)


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