Friday, October 2, 2015

Great Beginnings to Learning

                                            Great Beginnings to Learning
I've been spending the last 4 weeks or so trying to scrap together a few minutes to get a game plan for K3. Finally after one crazy afternoon of perseverance and crazy Music being played Loudly in the background for a Hindu holiday we finally had a lesson plan! Thanks to a $10 download from I had a digital weekly lesson plan that I then used to convert into a three day a week plan. Each week involves these things:
-Bible story with song
- Bible verse
- Bible song. English/Nepali
-1 Nepali Word
- Educational song-ex. days of the week
- a new number beginning with zero
- Three Colors
- 1 craft
- 2-4 books to be read
- application games or activities
- learning activity book
Now I know this sounds like so much But it seems like when well coordinated you can do a lot in a little time. We have done school for 20-30 minutes 3x a week for two weeks now.
I'm really hoping to add her charcacter studies to our free days just for a brief story time and application, but we haven't got there yet. This is my synopsis of our first two weeks.
1. My daughter loves learning and school! What a blessing. Mommy didn't enter this adventure with a lot of enthusiasm but I surely love seeing how much she enjoys learning and studying together.
2. Singing is a miraculous way to teach. We had been teaching our daughter verses at night for months but nothing has stuck near as fast as doing it with songs. She had it mostly down in a week!
3. It's a great avenue to spend quality time with a child individually with loads of praise. As you add children to your home it always gets a little difficult to spend quality time with each one. This has been a great benefit of schooling for us.
4. Teaching my child the Bible is an honor. Training her at a young age of the majesty, power and gracious of God is pretty cool.
5. I have a smart cookie:)
6. I can do this! I'm sure I will get overwhelmed again but for now this has been a big reassurance to me that I can with the Lords help and some planning and flexibility do this school thing!


  1. What a wonderful view of teaching your own children, which at times, is not as easy as someone else's. Thank you, Lord, for being in the midst of this endeavor. Kudos to you, April, and Savannah! You do make it sound fun and that always lifts the spirit of the leRner as well as the teacher.

  2. You can do it!! There is a great joy in seeing your child learn new things especially things about God.


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