Saturday, October 17, 2015

Real Butter

We've all seen the tubs of "I can't believe it's not butter!" Well I am pretty certain once you have baked with butter, smeared it over biscuits and sautéed all your goodies in it you will never make this quote.

There is nothing just like butter! Only the real McCoy. I had never experienced cooking with real butter until we moved overseas. In the states it is pricey in comparison but overseas it's the only option and Boy am I thankful! Everything is more rich and decadent when using pure butter!

There is one problem when working, especially baking with butter. It is extremely hard! When it comes to mixing and blending or spreading its quite a challenge. It can leave you with ripped and torn bread and desserts that are a fail! But no fear it can be remedied.

Yes, your first thought maybe leave it on the counter for soft butter. I didn't know before moving overseas you could safely do this. I still don't know the science of it but my butter is always out with no problem. We do go through it farely fast also.

For half of the year this plan works for me but for the other 6 months my house is SO cold that my butter is as firm in the fridge as out! Believe it! So winter season posed a new problem. I actually gage the beginning of winter by how firm my butter on the counter is:) After a few years I finally figured how to soften butter for effective baking. If you have any experience with baking with real butter you know that too hard butter makes recipes wayyy to thick and completely melted butter makes for runny flat recipes. So how do we accomplish that beautiful middle ground? You have two options,

1. Chop up your butter as in the above picture and put straight in a small pan or pot. Heat just until there is a small pool of melted butter on the bottom and then pull it off.

2. Put it in a double boiler or a glass now, above a pot of simmering water for a slower more controlled heat until you receive the same affect.

Then remove from the stove and place it in a separate bowl from your recipe

Mash it until you only have small lumps and it's all soft. Now you have butter perfect for baking. If you happen to over melt your butter, no worries it will ALWAYS go back if you are patient.

I even have an example for you due to me taking blog pics:) Give it 5 minutes or so and it will begin hardening again and you can mix it up and you are back to the desired results.

If you think the consistency of your butter doesn't matter. I challenge you to make it this way and see the drastic difference you will see! Hope this helps some confused bakers such as I.

Happy Baking in Butter Land with melted ooey gooey goodness.


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  1. I am a butter gal as well. The best I have ever tried is the Amish butter. Also I salted butter adds lots of extra flavor to baked goods you do need to adjust the salt though.


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