Monday, May 23, 2016

Bench Creation

So for a year now I've been wanting a bench in our entry way. Then we wouldn't have to hop and limp to put our shoes on :) Nothing I had seen had been exactely what I wanted. So I had decided it was time to get creative. They sold tons of little benches here, but I knew I wanted to class it up a little. I finally got one of my to do list goals crossed off! I bought the bench. Then a few days later I rounded some fabric, foam and some tiny nails. Now I was ready to roll! Mistakes were made but I'm pretty happy with the outcome.

I think many people use two layers of material or maybe even glue down the foam. I didn't do either, possibly a mistake. I definitely should have done the material a little loser. If it's too tight it kind of contorts the foam but as they say in Nepal, "Kay Garney" ( what can you do?").

So I cut the foam to fit. Then I cut the fabric to fit. Then went around tacking it in place with tiny nails.

Then we added some paint to the wood legs and took a picture with the cutest little boy I know :)

And that's it ladies and gentleman, my entryway bench. Now, hopefully soon I will have a coat rack to display!


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