Thursday, January 7, 2016

Burger Improvements

With our limited amount of cooking gas supply right now we are always looking for ways to conserve. So we are thinking to grill once a week. And who doesn't love grilling! But to be honest I've never done it alone. And I didn't intent on doing it myself this chilly evening but the duty was laid upon me. Luckily, it all turned out very well! I was apprehensive but gave it a go! And what better to grill then burgers!


We do not live in a land overflowing with beef options:) And as you can see in the pic I actually grilled Ground water buffalo. You may see multiple cows resting in traffic but not many sitting on your plate. It is possible to find a really good steak but good burgers on the other a very hard find. Some seem to be boiled, others over-loaded with onions, some not beef at's a scary experiment!

So, our favorite burgers are generally made at home. Now they have been better then the restaurant options I knew they could be better. So I read a list of dos and donts about burger cooking from Pinterest and began tweaking that very night. And may I say....YUMMMMMM!

So, here our the tips I've learned about burger cooking overseas.

1. You need fat. For some reason hamburger meat they sell here is extremely lean! Doesn't exude any grease when cooking. Sounds healthy I know but doesn't make the tastiest burger. So, I've begun adding 1-2 T of pure butter to my meat.

3. Season at the right time. Don't add salt until right before you apply heat. It sucks the moisture out.

4. Ice Water. This sounds crazy I know but I read add 1-2T for every pound of meat. It replaces any moisture that is cooked out. Sounds crazy! But it works.

5. Add seasoning. My favorites: paprika, black pepper, season salt and garlic powder.

6. Grilling is always better!


7. Don't squash your burgers. While cooking many times we squish the patties to get some char or encourage it to cook but in reality is squishes out all your moisture.

8. Add good cheese. Good cheese is a rarity here so we had a mozzarella on top. But Gouda or cheddar would have been an improvement!

So all that ended in the best burgers we have ever had in Nepal!


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